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Sampling & Pattern Making

Proofing your design before bulk manufacturing is one of the first and most important steps. We will cut Patterns and make a pre-production Sample for your approval. Our in-house team of skilled sampling and pattern making specialists will make sure you are satisfied with the look and feel of the garment before any further steps are taken.

Lowest Minimum Orders

Our Flexible Minimum Order Quantities allow new Clothing Brands to manufacture in bulk without strict requirements to order thousands of items per style. The standard MOQ is just 100pcs per style (incl. sizes and colors) but we also accept smaller runs in cases you are producing more than one style combined.

Fabric & Trims Sourcing

We take away the headache of sourcing materials for you. Our factory provides sourcing services as part of your clothing manufacturing project and can help source high-quality fabrics from Europe and trims or have them made specially to your specifics. Have your own fabrics and trims – Great! If not – we will help solve this for you.

Delivery to your Doorstep

We can deliver your order right to you doorstep or any city our country in the world. All production and sampling deliveries come with a tracking number as we work with the most reliable curriers to ensure the lowest shipping costs. Optional insurance and one business daly delivery options are also possible.

Highest Quality & Rapid Production

No compromise when it comes to price or quality as we deliver both. With our own European based clothing factory we manufacture garments to the highest standard. Our customers fall in love with the quality and our reviews speak for themselves. Sewport also guarantees you are working with a Clothing Manufacturer directly, not an agent.

Clear & Simple Process

Not many UK based Clothing Manufacturers can offer this level of guidance when it comes to cost breakdown and explaining all the steps of clothing production. We carefully clarify every aspect of manufacturing and work to build a long-lasting relationship. With Sewport you will never experience hidden costs or charges that you did not approve.

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Let your dream designs become reality!  We are here to help you make it.

Looking for Clothing Manufacturers who understand your needs?

Sewport takes pride in helping manufacture the best quality clothing for Start-ups, Emerging Designers and Small to Medium sized brands.

We are a UK based clothing manufacturer that not just produces clothes but also guides through the clothing manufacturing process and all of its aspects each step of the way. 

Clothing Manufacturing services beyond standard production for Clothing Brands:


Computer Aided Manufacturing

Efficiency and Sustainability are key. We can develop digital patterns or digitise your paper patterns to use with our advanced specialised software. Having digital patterns allows us to make surgical precision improvements to drive designs to perfection. We also create lay-plans and estimate fabric consumption to produce in the most waste-less way. Less fabric to buy and more fabric to use.

Advanced and Modern Equipment

Our clothing factory is equipped with hundreds of sewing machines of the highest quality (JUKI, BROTHER) and we own array of add-ons and specialised tool for bindings, pipings of different diameter and all kinds of seams and finishing machinery. Cutting tables with suction cups ensure we can work with the thinnest and most slippery fabrics and cut layers and layers of fabric.


Very Strict Quality Control

Our 5-tier based quality control ensures that your brand is in good hands. With a defect level way beyond industry standard, we make sure every item produced at our factory it thoroughly checked from start to finish. From unrolling the fabric to finishing touches to packaging we compare every item to its original spec and size chart to ensure maximum results and minimum defects are present.


Clothing production from sketch to garment:

In order to make communication with us as smooth as possible we have prepared a short description for the typical clothing manufacturing production process. You will find it useful,  especially if you are new to the garment manufacturing industry. But please do keep in mind, it is just an example.

  • All starts with your design idea – a sketch, CAD drawing or Tech Pack.
  • The next step is deciding on the fabrics and trims you will use. If you don’t know where to source your fabric – we can help find common fabrics.
  • Pattern making is the next step. Cutting patterns is the foundation for Sample Making and Bulk Production. Patterns are parts of a design which will then be sewn together to produce your garment.
  • Sample making is next. We manufacture the prototype – a fitting sample. The first sample of your design is produced to make you idea come to life and test the fit.  If you don’t want to use original fabrics at this point to save money, we can manufacture a toile.
  • Once the sample is approved and you want to reproduce your fashion garment in various sizes – we do size grading with the patterns.
    We can use industry standard sizing data to perform size grading or these measurements can be provided by you if you need something specific. At this point patterns are digitised and grading is performed digitally by our pattern making specialists.
  • Our last pre-production steps is estimating how much fabric you require for your clothing run. You specify the quantity per size and style for your potential production run and we can estimate efficiency how much fabric you will require per style and overall. It is the next step towards bulk garment manufacturing – marker making.
    Marker making is the process of planning a layout of your patterns based on fabric roll length and width in order to make best use of fabric and reduce waste. Fabric can be costly, so it is important that this process is done professionally. Our specialised software and skilled professionals use their knowledge as the final touches are always manual.
  • Once the layout is complete a plotter prints our your patterns and we are ready to start cutting fabric. Cutting is done using industrial machinery and is done in bulk combining layers of fabric together. Depending on the specifics of your design and fabrics used in the process some operations are carried out separately or manufally.
  • All the pieces then are put together in sets and are passed down to our seamstresses. The sets of garment parts are sewn together. The manufactured clothes are then trimmed, labeled with your branding and packed to ship to you.
  • As we prepare garments for packaging all items are carefully inspected for defects – quality control is performed at every stage but the last stage is the most important. We ensure defects levels are kept way below industry standards – at 0,025% of less.

You can find a more detailed description of the clothing manufacturing process in our Q&A section here and also find explanations for all clothing manufacturing terms used in this description.

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SEWPORT Ltd was created to help British fashion designers, fashion start-ups and small to medium size apparel businesses with their production needs.

We are a clothing manufacturing company for designers, fashion start-ups and emerging brands.

For more information about our company please go to the ABOUT US page.

For Industry Specific terms related and used with clothing manufacturers please go to our FAQ section.

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Sewport will help small to medium clothing brands and emerging designers with all their clothing manufacturing needs. If you are looking for clothing production and would like to work with UK based company at an affordable price whilst maintaining high quality your customers will only give you good feed-back about – we are the right company for you!
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Let your dream designs become reality!  We are here to help you make it.

 As a clothing factory with over 25 years experience in the garment production industry we gained the knowledge to produce complex and skill demanding garments regular clothes factories just can't do.