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“Your customers will fall in love with our quality!”

We deliver to you doorstep, anywhere. All deliveries come with a tracking number.

Once sampling is complete you are ready for bulk production we take on your order from 100pcs per style to thousands. We manufacture small to industrial size runs with no problem.

Manufacturing clothes in bulk will require patterns, grading and a pre-production sample to be approved. We do all of that!

Efficiency is key. We develop digital patterns or digitise your paper patterns to use with advanced specialised software. This allows us to plan the layout and cut in the most waste-less way. Less fabric to buy and more fabric to use.

If you require fabrics or trims for your production run we can help with sourcing most fabrics and trims.

Let a team of skilled professionals handle your Cut Make Trim order if you have everything but the sewing sorted already.

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We engage at any stage

Whether just an idea, pictures, a sketch, a drawing or patters – we can work with you at any manufacturing stage and create what you need in the most cost effective way!

Affordable. Fast. Qualitative.

It doesn’t matter if you order 100 pieces or thousands, you matter to us! Our rapid lead time will satisfy the most time sensitive customers.

Low minimum order requirements

Pricing is based on order quantity so that even small clothing  runs can get manufactured. Sewport has a truly personalised manufacturing approach for any of your garment production needs. 

Not the middleman

While many other clothing manufacturers are really just factory brokers or middleman we are a clothing factory.

A clothing factory right for you:

Highly competitive pricing
All production stages done in-house
Highest European sewing quality
Experienced in various garment types


“Achieving” doesn’t mean doing it on your own. I was looking to produce my designs, and I found the perfect solution here @ Sewport.

Tom about apparel service
Tom D
In the fashion industry

I never knew there was such a comprehensive cut make trim service. Thank god I found it. Solid work!

Sewing Service Review by Cathy P in her design studio
Cathy P.
Established designer

Nobody wanted to take small runs, except Sewport. Now, my fashion brand is on track. They helped manufacture garments in quality and ready to meet the buyers.

Emma happy for small runs offered
Designer / Fashion Student

Definitely will do business again.

David fashion brand owner on Sewport
Fashion brand owner

We used Sewport for our fashion design manufacturing in my start-up and never regretted it. Now our designs are on the market! Yes!

Fashion Start-upper Paul
Paul A.
Fashion Start-up

I was looking for clothing manufacturers and think I found the best one!

happy customer Anna
Brand owner

Lead-time and quality surprised me in a good way. The cheapest quote too.

Thank you Sewport. Very satisfied with our cooperation. Perfect for UK based designers.

Lucy in british chair on sewport
Clothes Designer

This saved me months, maybe years. It is so good that I can just focus on marketing my brand while SEWPORT does all the rest.

Amy in her fashion studio
Amy S.

Always liked to draw dresses when I was a little girl, but never knew it was so easy to make my dream (dress) a reality. Now I can wear what I drew. Simply amazing!

Jenna talks about sewport producing her designs to garments
House wife
Clothing production from sketch to garment

In order to make communication with us as smooth as possible we have prepared a short description for the typical clothing manufacturing process. You will find it useful,  especially if you are new to garment manufacturing. But please do keep in mind, it is just an example.

  • All starts with your design idea – a sketch, CAD drawing or tech pack.
  • At this time you are probably deciding on the fabrics and trims you will use. If you don’t know where to source your fabric – we can help.
  • Then comes the pattern making process.

    This process involves cutting out patterns – parts of a design which will then be sewn together to produce your garment.

  • To see if everything fits nicely, usually a fitting sample, 1st sample of your design is produced. This process is called sample making. If you don’t want to use fabrics at this point to save money, we can manufacture a toile.

  • Once the sample is approved and you want to reproduce your fashion garment in various sizes – we do size grading with the patterns.

    We can use industry standard sizing data to perform size grading or these measurements can be provided by you if you need something specific. At this point patterns are digitised and grading is performed digitally by our pattern making specialists.

  • Once we have the quantity per size and style in your potential production run we can estimate fabric consumption required and calculate fabric use efficiency. It is the next step towards bulk garment manufacturing – marker making.

    Marker making is the process of planning a layout of your patterns based on fabric roll length and width in order to make best use of fabric and reduce waste. Fabric can be costly, so it is important that this process is done professionally. Again, all this is done with the help of specialised software but the final touches are always manual.

  • Once the layout is complete the plotter prints our your patterns and we are ready to put this print-out on to a pie of fabric stacked in layers. We are ready to cut out all the pieces. Cutting is done using industrial machinery and is usually done in bulk. Depending on the specifics of your design and fabrics used in the process some operations are carried out separately.
  • All the pieces are put together in sets and are passed down to our seamstresses. The sets of garment parts are sewn together. The manufactured clothes are then trimmed, labeled with your label and are packed to ship to you.

  • As we prepare garments for packaging all items are carefully inspected for defects – quality control is performed at every stage but the last stage is the most important. We ensure defects levels are kept way below industry standards – at 0,025% of less.
  • You can find a more detailed description of the clothing manufacturing process in our Q&A section here and also find explanations for all clothing manufacturing terms used in this description.

    To place an order, get an estimate or contact us please press here.

Clothing manufacturing service based in the UK. European based factory. From sampling to full production – we produce clothes to an exceptional quality at a very competitive price and a fast lead-time.

Our factory works with small to medium apparel businesses and fashion start-up brands with their garment production needs.

Sewport is a clothing manufacturing company for designers, small and medium brands, fashion start-ups and emerging brands.

For more information about our company please go to the ABOUT US page.

For Industry Specific terms related and used with clothing manufacturers please go to our FAQ section.

Our FAQ section will also have more information on service related questions.

Sewport will help small, medium and large clothing brands and emerging designers with all their clothing manufacturing needs. If you are looking for clothing production in Europe at an affordable price whilst maintaining a high level of quality your customers will only give you good feed-back about – we are the right company for you!
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